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Thank you for your interest in Jerry Craft and Mama's Boyz. As you may already know, Jerry Craft is one of the few African-American syndicated cartoonists in the entire country. He has been drawing and writing Mama's Boyz for more than 15 years. In addition to his comic strip, his work has also appeared in publications such as Essence, Ebony and Chicken Soup For The African American Soul.

DESCRIPTION: Join award-winning syndicated cartoonist Jerry Craft as he shares his experiences as a professional cartoonist and illustrator. He'll show you the secrets behind creating his Mama's Boyz comic strip and teach you how he creates his children's books from start to finish. Then it's your turn to draw! Mr. Craft will give you step-by-step instruction to show you how you can use simple shapes to create your own cool comic book characters.

Sessions may be done lecture-style or as a workshop with kids (and their families) drawing along with step-by-step instruction.

Workshops can also tailored to fit any class. Here are some examples:

English: Kids create a comic strip based on their favorite book.
History: Draw a character who you are studying. Romans, Greeks, Civil War...
Science: Design a poster on topics such as water or energy conservation.

In addition to drawing, there will also be emphasis placed on the following:

  • Finding your passion and making a career of it
  • The importance of trying and taking creative risks
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Finding your creative voice
  • Education, and how both English and Math are used to make Mama's Boyz successful
  • Choosing friends who will support you  
  • How the decisions you make now can have an impact on the rest of your life
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown
After attending one of my workshops where I showed kids how to draw Charlie Brown, 9-year old Ryan V. went home and made a giant version in the snow!


Below is a fee schedule for all speaking engagements and cartoon workshops:

Deposit will be required to schedule all bookings and hold date(s). Upon receipt, you will receive a Letter of Confirmation.

Single Presention Visit
A single presentation is one 45-60 minute session. Rate applies to locations in lower Fairfield County (CT). Additional travel rates may apply to all other locations.

Half-Day Visit
A Half-Day Visit is two 45-60 minute sessions.

Full Day Visit
A Full Day Visit is up to FOUR 45-minute sessions at your location.

Full Day Visit With Overnight
In the event that your location's driving time is in excess of one hour, or if the scheduled start time is an early morning event, overnight lodging may be necessary.

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Jerry plays well with kids and grown-ups! At Read Out Loud!, our family literacy event, Jerry led a comic book drawing workshop that was packed with very engaged youngsters. Not only does he inspire young artists and writers by sharing and educating, but Jerry is a super person to work with on the grown-up level. He makes good things happen. The success Read Out Loud! was due much in part his ideas, people, and go-getter attitude.

- Christine Petro
School-Community Coordinator,
Morningside Area Alliance
New York City

Jerry Craft attended the Turning the Page Community Night program and was absolutely mesmorizing. His repore with our students at Garfield Elementary was so warm and thoughtful. The staff at Turning the Page really appreciate his work with our students and look forward to a long lasting partnership.

- Tyra Fennell
Program Manager
Washington, D.C.

As a program specialist at a nonprofit that works with public elementary schools in Washington, D.C., Jerry Craft was a great resource to our family literacy events. Our guest author programs are always a favorite of our families, and having a comic book illustrator like Jerry speak to children and their parents was a real treat for everyone. Jerry visited Garfield Elementary in Southeast D.C. last fall and shared his stories, sketches, and quotes from Mama’s Boyz, which the kids absolutely loved. Not only did Jerry’s stories entertain the children, but his patience in showing them how they could draw their own comic book characters inspired them to believe that they could be artists, too. We got such positive feedback from our families that we have decided to invite him back to visit another elementary school this Spring.

- Laura Smail
Program Specialist
Washington, D.C.

Our kids really look forward to Mr. Craft’s visits. He engages the kids with lively conversation while showing them how to unlock their creativity. And they LOVE his Mama’s Boyz books!

-Josephine  Anderson
Stamford Library
Stamford, CT

Jerry is amazing with kids, adults, seniors, pets…He has a way of leaving a lasting impression on any and all walks of life. I have had the pleasure of working with the creative genius behind Mama’s Boys on more than one occasion. The first time, Jerry was recruited to work with me at the YMCA of Norwalk in an effort to spread cultural diversity through ingenious and dynamic art and art instruction. He was such a hit that even after the project came to an end; the YMCA continued to have him come in to teach drawing on a program by program basis. The second time, we worked together in a summer school art program and I had to literally steal kids from his class just so I could stay busy!  His means and methods reach all children. His books, cartoons, videos and drawing techniques are truly inspirational and I really believe they touch the kids who might not have otherwise been interested in art! He is talented, kind, dedicated and I am proud to know him as the artist and the man!

-Alex Roehner
YMCA of Norwalk AND
Crayon and multimedia artist
Color for Life, llc
New York City

I invited Jerry Craft to come in and aid my youth group in creating posters for our child literacy campaign.  I had doubts about whether the members would enjoy it, but they were put to rest on the first day.  The group had their hang-ups on their artistry but was compelled by his art and therefore motivated to make their own.  His humor and patience helped with extracting ideas from the group and gave us a clearer direction with our project.  Needless to sa, when his three weeks were up, the kids didn't want him to leave.  

-Terrell Wheeler
Program Specialist
Westchester Youth Councils
Family Services of Westchester
Westchester, NY


The Norwalk Education Foundation (NEF) hired Jerry to work on a program with middle school students. We invited students to take classes at our local community college where they would meet highly energetic, enthusiastic professionals who wanted to share their passions. Jerry fit the bill perfectly and he taught a cartooning class. Students loved the class and Jerry’s enthusiasm. NEF would highly recommend him. His positive outlook, sincere interest in students and professional skills are a guarantee for success in any situation.

-Lauren Rosato
Executive Director
Norwalk Education Foundation
Norwalk, CT

Our 5th grade students thought Jerry Craft was awesome when he came to our school as an artist-in-residence for two weeks. They were so thrilled with his fun-loving manner and outrageous Mama's Boyz characters that everyone wanted his autograph. The students were more then a little surprised when they found that with Jerry's help and guidance, they too could design their very own cartoon creations. It was an experience they will never forget!

Phyllis Lodato-Suppa
Davenport Ridge Elementary School
Stamford, CT

Mr. Craft was warmly embraced by the middle school students in the YDP program at the Carver Center. Students who lacked confidence in their artistic abilities were amazed at the art work that they were able to produce independently at the end of the program. Mr. Craft’s program was a definite asset to the Carver’s YDP program and even though Mr. Craft’s program ended two months ago, the students are repeatedly asking us to bring him back again.

Brian Allert
Deputy Director
Carver Center
Norwalk CT

When Jerry Craft conducted a workshop at the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford, he not only wowed the children, but adults were instantly drawn to his easy display of drawing techniques; it was obvious that all those in attendance enjoyed his presentation, stories and sketches.  Mr. Craft your message of self love was very inspiring!  Thank you for the drawing lessons and thank you for signing our sketches...I still have mine!

Jenice Jeter
President The Boys & Girls Club of Stamford Parent Association

Jerry Craft has worked with Art Partners for a number of years and receives accolades from the classroom teachers and students.  He inspires students to read and visualize and teaches students how to put pencil to paper to convey ideas.  He is a Pied Piper for the students with lasting results from his workshops.  Students are fully engaged and look forward to his workshops.

Pamela Davis
Executive Director
Silvermine Guild Arts Center
New Canaan, CT

Jerry Craft’s presentations to our students has been one of the more invigorating events of our school Fall Book Fair. He is a spirited and personable presenter.  Jerry easily related to the students by sharing tidbits of his life as a kid interested in art. He offered easy access to the magical world  of cartooning to them by the way he broke down the idea of cartooning to a series of lines (curved and straight) and dots. The children were truly awed by how simply, but magically, his figures were drawn into life in one of his workshops.  

It has been fortunate for us that Jerry has been available while the students were working on a comic strip project. This project was a book report in which the students summarize the events of the novel that they were reading in a series of comic strip panels.  He inspires and helps kids figure out how to draw comic strips. He also explained about the relationships between characters and what meaning the characters and the strip “Mama’s Boyz” has for him. He uses humor and makes connections. On his last visit, because time allowed, he sat  and talked with the students during their lunch time following the workshop.  He, also, signed autographs for each of them on postcards that he had brought. Jerry truly relates well with kids and we have recommended him to our parent events committee for this past Book Fair and would recommend him in the future. We look forward to future workshop and projects with him.

Junius Harris and David Smelin/ 4th Grade Teachers
Fieldston Lower School
Bronx, New York