Many of you write to ask what you can do to support me. After years of thinking that I can do this myself, I have finally come to realize that I can not. I am a one-person shop, meaning that I write and draw my comic strip each week, color it, send it off to my clients. I publish my own books, book my own signings, and mail off my own orders. SO, if you'd really like to help to keep me in business, here is a list of what you can do:

1) Purchase my products. I have books, games, shirts, mugs and more. So even if you are not in the market at the moment, PLEASE keep me in mind for birthdays and holidays. Parents who have ordered my books for their kids have been thrilled with the purchase. Where else can you get a book that is autographed to your child PLUS I even draw a little picture. They love the book AND you get them to read, everybody wins! Click here to see what I have in stock!

2) Tell your friends about Mama's Boyz. That's right, don't keep me a secret, spread the word! I know you like when your kids have things all to themselves, but if I don't get enough orders, there won't be a third book. As of now, my goal is to publish a new book every year, so they'll always have something to look forward to,

3) Recommend me for workshops and booksignings. Back in March, I got asked to sit on a panel at the University of Michigan on the science of humor. They sent for me, and I went. Not for free of course, but it was great that my name came up when they were looking for panelists. I've also facilitated cartooning workshops for a variety of age groups, and in several states nationwide with great success. The same goes for booksignings. Workshop info.

And, I've had certain organizations purchase my book in bulk in order to give to their members. One such organization whose mission is to prevent teen pregnancy, ordered 100 copies of Mama's Boyz: Home Schoolin' to include in their goodie bags for their annual dinner.

4) Spread the word about the comic strip. This has several applications. Mama's Boyz has been included in books such as Chicken Soup For the African American Soul and the Idiot's Guide to Comedy Writing so if you know an author of publisher that would be a good match, let them know about me. You can also suggest that your local weekly newspaper run the strip on a regular basis. Also, if you know of an organization that can use my characters to help get their message out to the public, please hook us up. Take a look at the Nov 2007 entry on my news pages to see what I did with the American Council For Fitness and Nutrition.

5) Ask your local library or school library to order my books. Just print out this press release and take it to them. It has all the info that they'll need. And it won't cost you a penny,

6) Ask you local daycare to order my games. Check out My First Matching Game and I Can Do Anything on my products page. And don't stop there, have your pediatrician order them for their waiting room. See who else you can think of, be creative!

7) Need an illustrator? I've illustrated several children's books for small and self-publishers. Take a look at my portfolio to see what I've done for Essence Magazine and Hillary's Big Business Adventure.

8) Flash Animation? Yep, I can do that too! Here are two that are currently on YouTube. When I last checked, the Randy Moss Driving School had more than 50,000 views and Confronting The Black Superheroes of My Childhood has been written up in blogs all across the Internet.

Well that's all I can think of now. Obviously I don't expect anyone to do ALL of these, but every little bit helps. And don't forget to drop me a line so I can thank you personally.

You can always reach me at

Thanks in advance for your help. Lord knows I need it!


Jerry Craft