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This story got more response than any comic I've done in my entire life. In fact, the strip below actually got a newspaper to stop running Mama's Boyz forever. Check out the whole story and see for yourself.

Although I didn't feel the need to change the first strip, a reader did make a good point that inspired me to change the second one. Initially the last panel had Mom locking Yusuf inthe closet saying that she wouldn't let him out til he was married. The reader mentioned that locking your kids in a closet is not "an appropriate way to discipline them." To me, the concept of ever locking my son in a closet is so foreign that I thought this was too unrealistic to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, since then I've heard actual stories about parents who have done it. So it order to make the strip funny, I needed to make the punishment more unrealistic. See? I listen.

Now here's where the fun starts. I introduce Karla, the young mother of a 6 month old baby named Kory.

Still with me? My goal is to show that having a baby is not all fun and games. So far I think that Karla is showing that.

Now here's where the fun begins for Yusuf. If you'd like to see the rest of this story, click here if you dare!