Below are a few samples of some of my favorite strips. Either I think they're funny, or the were special because of the message, or both. Some also touch on a wide range of serious topics including diabetes, teenage pregnancy and even AIDS. I've EVEN done comic strips on organ and tissues donation for The Coalition on Donation. Don't believe it? You'll see. I even did a poster for the DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. And before you go, check out this one on the Black Web Portal.



See? You didn't believe me, did you? This is one of four strips that I did on organ and tissue donation.
Click here to see the others!


I also did a series of strips for the American Diabetes Association's African-American Program. They got such a good response that I included them in my first Mama's Boyz book. To read more of my diabetes comics and my work with the ADA, click here.


Beleive it or not, I've even done comic strips about AIDS. These were commissioned by the New York Daily News' special AIDS supplements. Probably my toughest assignment ever! How do you talk about something so serious in a comic strip without having it seem like you're making light of the situation? But for me, the beauty of comic strips is that people are more likely to read them as opposed to a serious brochure that they might be threated by. So the point comes across while they're being entertained. See the rest of the series.


This story got more response than any comic I've done in my entire life. In fact, the strip below actually got a newspaper to stop running Mama's Boyz forever. Check out the whole story and see for yourself.