Below are some of the artists who will have tables at the event.



Ray Billingsley is an acclaimed award-winning African-American cartoonist with an impressive 41-year (and counting) career. Over the years, he has done a variety of projects, involving advertising, storyboards, greeting cards, magazine layouts and covers, tee designs, novelty design, graphic posters and a full comic book for the Path system.  Ray was also a regular contributor to Ebony magazine from 1978 to 2007.  He literally grew up in the industry and began regularly selling cartoon art at age 12. He attended Music and Art High School at a time when cartooning for Blacks was unheard of, and attended the School of Visual Arts on a full four-year scholarship. Upon graduating, he went to work at Disney, training to be an animator. A few months later, at the age of 22, he landed his first syndicated comic strip, "Lookin' Fine."

Ray also worked for humor magazines, like the now defunct classic The National Lampoon and Crazy Magazine.  His second strip, CURTIS, was an instant hit and widely received and is publicly credited for opening the doors for many others.  It consistently places high on popularity rating charts and is published in 250+ newspapers worldwide and has an estimated daily readership of 34 million. There are two books, "A BOY NAEMED CURTIS" and "LIVING ON SPONGECAKE," the first in a series of volumes.


Mama's Boyz: The Big Picture

Mama's Boyz | The Offenders

Jerry Craft has illustrated and/or written more than two dozen children's books and board games. He has just completed a middle grade novel that he co-wrote with his two teenage sons, Jaylen and Aren Craft called: "The Offenders: Saving the World While Serving Detention!" -- an action / adventure story designed to teach kids about the negative effects of bullying. His work has appeared in national publications such as Essence Magazine, Ebony, and two Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Jerry is also the creator of Mama's Boyz, an award-winning comic strip that has been distributed by King Features Syndicate to almost 900 publications since 1995. Jerry has won five African American Literary Awards. He is currently illustrating his first book for Scholastic.

Jennifer Crute

Jennifer Crute
Jennifer's Journal

Jennifer’s Journal The Life of a SubUrban Girl Volume One is the first book in a series that chronicles the life of this quirky and freckle-face, African American illustrator and artist. Pages from actual journals illustrate this misfit’s upbringing in the suburbs of New Jersey and her daily interactions as an adult in New York City. She introduces several colorful characters which include a host of grumpy family members, schoolmates that tease and gossip, and her close friends Josephine and Maryland’s own awkward experiences. Jennifer’s imaginary companions also influence her actions; they range from the meditative "Miss Buddha Bear" to her nemesis "Sister Sympathy" and her gang. Each accompanies Jennifer as she tries to maintain a positive outlook and peace of mind while battling the insanity of popular culture.



A noted historian whoI has long studied the portrayals of race in comic books, both historically and in contemporary comics. His new book, Dreaming of a Face Like Ours, was recently published by Fine Tooth Press.

“The premise of my book is to continue sharing the un-told history of Black comics. Whenever I make a presentation on the topic, I still meet people who never knew Black comics existed,” Foster said. “That's a shame.”


Matty's Rocket


triboro tales

Keith Miller
Tri-Boro Tales


Keith is a middle school English Language Arts teacher within the New York City Department of Education and a former civil law attorney with The Legal Aid Society. Keith is the co-founder of RatRonin Studios and co-creator of Tri-boro Tales. Like every aspiring commercial writer he has written a few screenplays, one of which, Love’s No Fool, placed in the quarterfinalist of Fade In magazine's Screenwriter’s award.
M city defender

Omar Bilal

Webmaster, Museum of Black Superheroes Founded in 1997, the Museum of Black Superheroes is an online archive and discussion site focusing on ethnic images in comics. The site features a mix of well-known characters from the mainstream as well as lesser-known characters that may or may not be published. Bilal resides in Bowie, Maryland and is also a full-time graphic designer and artist.

Black Comix

Robert Garrett
The Inheritors

Writer/ creator of AJALA:  A SERIES OF ADVENTURES, about a 13 year old Harlem teen who happens to be a secret agent in training for a Harlem based secret society. His other books include INHERITORS and GALTOW.

Artwork by N Steven Harris and Mshindo I. Kuumba

N Steven Harris
Ajala | Voltron


Artist and co-creator of DC's Aztek: The Ultimate Man, penciller of numerous Marvel and DC titles such as Deadpool Annual '98, Batman and THE FRINGE; and artist of AJALA:  A SERIES OF ADVENTURES, about a 13 year old Harlem teen who happens to be a secret agent in training for a Harlem based secret society. Mr. Harris also teaches in various schools through arts organizations.

Black Comix

John Jennings
Black Comix | The Hole

Authors of the art book Black Comix: African American Independent Comics Art & Culture, will be signing and speaking at Afri-Ware Books, 266 W. Lake St., Oak Park, IL 60302, from 6-8 p.m.


Future Funk

Turtel Onli
Future Funk

A creative artist whose career has touched upon a variety of disciplines. He has been an art therapist, educator, and illustrator. He has also distinguished himself in painting, drawing, illustration, publishing, fashion, and multimedia production. The father of the "Black Age of Comics," his credits include "Malcolm-10" and "Nog is Back."

Alex Simmons
BlackJack | Archie Comics


Creator of the acclaimed BLACKJACK: BLOOD AND HONOR graphic novel, and winner of the 2010 Glyph Best Writer Award for his work on The CARTOON LIFE OF CHUCK CLAYTON for Archie Comics;



H)afrocentric stars a posse of disgruntled undergrads of color as they navigate their way through Ronald Reagan University.  Follow the self proclaimed radical Black feminist, Naima Pepper (who has a White mama), as she deals with the contradictions of her own life in various ways—lashing out in Tourette Syndrome-like rants about gentrification, white supremacy, and apathy.  Both she and her brother, Miles Pepper, grew up in a mostly White and Asian neighborhood. Miles Pepper reflects a popular culture aesthetic and mindset. As they navigate through the world with their best friends, Renee Aanjay Brown and El Ramirez, their identities and neighborhood start to change in front of their eyes.

Black Comix

Rob Taylor
Night Jak | Ghost Fighter

CHICAGO, The windy City. A city being rebuilt to represent itself as a shining beacon for the rest of the world to follow has been taken over by mad street gangs, hi-tech mobsters and super powered villains wanting to make a name for themselves.

Billionaire Thomas Knight of "Knight Technologies" is shot in the back when a gang war breaks out in the downtown area and is crippled in its wake. Shaun Knight (his son) uses his marine training-with a little help from an Asian corporate thief named Michael Yu. With an underground state of the art base of operations-together they stand to fight against the war on crime.



Kids Comic Con onyx con
Black Age


Kids's Comic Con - Alex Simmons (Bronx, NY)

ONYXCON - Joseph Wheeler III (Atlanta, GA)

ECBACC - (East Coast Black Age of Comic Convvention) Yumy Odom (Philadelphia, PA)

BLACK AGE - Turtel Onli (Chicago, IL)



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